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Monday, April 9, 2012

Breakfast Burrito

 I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter.  The Sunday Night Dinner crowd gathered at Jenn's house last night where she hosted a delicious dinner.  Easter dinner is extra special because we have an Easter egg hunt!  This year Caroline won, finding 16 eggs total.

I brought asparagus wrapped with boursin cheese and prosciutto - which has already been posted on this blog.  We also had ham, lamb, scalloped potatoes, peas, and lots of great food.  I was painfully full after.  This blog was a hot topic at dinner.  Lately, every time I see my friends, I get scolded for not updating the blog.  Caroline has been informing me that Fay Lyons wants updates!  Caroline told me that she doesn't know what to cook and her cupboards are bare!

I am so sorrry!  I am going to be better - starting NOW.  I got a bit distracted with other things in life.  I took the IAPP's exam to become a Certified Information Privacy Professional - which I passed!  I spent a considerable amount of time studying - which ate up time that I would have used to blog.  I also have been hand addressing the invites for my wedding (with less than 3 months to go - they need to get in the mail!).  Here is some evidence:

Yes, during the past 6 weeks, Charles and I have eaten.  I problem is that we have been eating recipes that I have already posted on the blog!  I ran out of ideas for a little while - but I will be better about posting.

Tonight I am going to make Mustard Chicken - which is one of my go to weeknight meals.  So expect another post this week!  Now I am going to post about a delicious a quick breakfast - Breakfast Burritos!  I am a strong believer that anything is more delicious in taco or burrito form.  This recipe is very easy to make for multiple people - this recipe is per person - adjust as necessary!

You will need (per person):
2 Eggs
1/4 cup reduced fat Mexican Cheese
1/4 cup Black Beans
1 large Tortilla

Step 1:
Crack the eggs into a bowl - and scramble.

Step 2:
Heat a skillet over medium heat.  I use a non-stick skillet so I do not need to add butter to the eggs.  Pour the eggs into the pan.  Then add the salsa (as much as you want), black beans and cheese.  Stir.

Step 3:
Once the eggs are fully cooked, heat the tortilla in a microwave for 15 seconds.  Then scoop the egg mixture into the tortilla, roll up, and eat!

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