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Monday, July 2, 2012

Drinking on a Diet

My friends and I go out a lot.  Usually this involves alcohol.  Let's compare some beverages to see what the healthier choices are.

Beers (per 12 ounces)
Sam Adams Boston Lager: 160
Sam Adams Light: 124
Guinness: 125
Beck's Light: 64
Amstel Light: 95
PBR: 152
Bud Light:  95
Miller Lite: 96

Wine (per 5 ounces)
Red Wine: 106
White Wine: 100
Champagne: 91
Skinny Girl Wine: 110

 Hard Alcohol (per ounce)
Vodka: 73
Tequilla: 64

Rum: 64

Whiskey: 73

Mixed Drinks
Margaritas (10 oz.): 550
Skinny Girl Margarita: 110

Overall, the better choices are mixed drinks with low calorie mixers (like club soda).  I have definitely noticed girls ordering vodka soda with limes recently - I guess they did their research.  Another thing to consider is how much alcohol you consume.  I am likely to drink more beers than glasses of wine - so wine would be a better option for me.  You need to consider the amount of calories you consume in beverages when you go out!  Plus, how often does the drinking lead to late night snacking?  You don't want your weekend fun to cancel out your smart choices during the week!

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