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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Blog

To clarify the first post of this blog: this blog was given to my as a birthday gift. My name isn't Kitty Bing Bing, it is Kit, but one night my fiance dreamt that I changed my name to Kitty Bing Bing and I became famous and successful.

When you plan to spend your life with a Brit you better know how to cook. After getting engaged to an Englishman I got serious about cooking. Over time I began posting photos of my culinary creations on Facebook and my friends started to tell me that I should start a food blog. But I didn't. I couldn't get over the initial hurdle of coming up with a blog name. Then last night on my birthday, Charles (my fiance) and some of my wonderful and talented friends solved this problem for me and gifted me with this blog.

Perhaps I should let you know a little about myself. I grew up in Kennebunkport, Maine, went to college in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, then grad school for a MA in Art History in New York, New York, and finally settled in Chicago! I am from one of those families that is always cooking and talking about food. My mom and my sister are both very good cooks and we are frequently exchanging recipes and ideas. My sister and I worked in restaurants and for a catering company during the summers when we were in college and we picked up some skills along the way. I am also a huge fan of Food Network, Epicurious, and Cooking Light.

I cook on a regular basis and I intend to post on a regular basis. I am also trying to pull together a cookbook. I am compiling recipes from the weekly Sunday Night Dinners (SNDs) that my friends and I have been consistently having for over 3 years.

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