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Sunday, November 27, 2011

This week on Kittchenblog

I returned from Maine last night, and Chicago has greeted me with cold misty weather.  I came home to an empty fridge, so I had to venture out in the unpleasant weather to buy some groceries.  After trip to Trader Joe's I have food for the week.  I thought I would let you know which recipes are heading your way this week.

Since it is Sunday, I will be going to Sunday Night Dinner with my friends.  Two of my girlfriends are hosting tonight, they just got a great new apartment, and while they were unpacking they decided to put up their Christmas Tree.  My contribution to dinner will be a caramelized onion, pear, goat cheese, and spinach pizza.  I just prepared with onion and pear, and will be assembling and baking the pizza at the girl's place.  I will post photos and the recipe tomorrow.  I used wine to cook the onion and pear and kept the amount of olive oil and butter to a bear minimum.

In addition to the pizza here are a couple other recipes I plan to post this week:
Roasted Chicken with Citrus
Veggie Pizza
Red Bliss Potatoes
Ribollita (Italian Minestrone Soup with Bread)

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