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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bridal Barbie Martini Glass

My family had their annual Christmas Eve party last night.  All of our family friends come over - about 15 people in total.  This year I suggested adding a drinking vessel swap to the party.  Everyone had to bring a cup or something to drink out of to be exchanged.

We labeled each gift wrapped package with numbers, and then we had people pull numbers.  People got whichever gift matched their number - we needed to speed things up because no one could drink anything until they got their cup.  It went very well, and there were some hilarious contributions - someone brought a medical sample cup, while other ended up with cups far too big or too small.  My godmother, Susan, changed the rules a little because she made a special cup just for me and had to make sure that I received it.

Susan was the most enthusiastic about the cup exchange.  I sent an email out about 10 days ago announcing the exchange and she got right to work.  She made me a special bridal barbie martini glass (since I am getting married next summer and she is helping with the planning).  It is such a great idea - I am trying to convince her to get her own Etsy page to sell them!

From what I was told last night, the making of this glass was a family project.  It took 3 people to hold it together as Barbie was hot glued to the glass.  My godfather, Gordon, pointed out that they had to remove Barbie's shoes in order to successfully glue her feet to the glass.  The glass itself was covered with rhinestones and wedding cake stickers.

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