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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My favorite NYC restaurants

Before moving to lovely Chicago, I lived in New York.  As much as I adore Chicago sometimes I miss the food in New York.  Don't get me wrong, Chicago is one of the best food cities in America.  And, coming from Kennebunkport, Maine, a town with no culinary variety, I can't complain.  Regardless, when I was in  New York after Christmas, and was  eager to go to some of my favorite spots!  Here is a list - I didn't have time to hit all of them but I made it to a few!

Klong - excellent Thai Food.  I love their curry puffs and scallion pancakes - 2 things I have never found in Chitown.
Artichoke Pizza - it is a slice of heaven.  I got 2 giant slices and brought them home to Chicago with me.
Spice - the best cheap lunch in Manhattan.  Also thai food.  It was right by where I attended grad school.
Dinosaur BBQ - this place is legendary.  I used to live right down the street.  There is always a really long wait but it is worth it.  I love their spicy mac and cheese and their corn bread.
Rice - cheap and delicious.  They serve all sorts of cuisine that goes with rice, such a simple and fun concept.
Apizz -a hidden gem in the lower east side.  The open squash ravioli is to die for.

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